Body Lipo-sculpting
Liposuction has experienced a revolution in recent years. Body sculpting with liposuction can now be achieved using much more precise tools than were available in the past. Laser lipo now allows doctors to target the exact areas that need attention, but seem resistant to your efforts.

You diet. You exercise. And yet, with all that effort, you can't seem to get rid of that excess fat. Love handles, saddle bags, a double chin ? you know the areas. Your mother's thighs have now become your curse, but technology can help. New, advanced liposuction procedures now have the ability to target localized fat deposits and provide body sculpting here-to-fore unseen. Using advanced technologies like laser and ultrasound, these new, minimally-invasive 'lipo-sculpting' procedures provide a highly effective way to achieve the body contour you desire, by breaking up and suctioning out the fat permanently. Utilizing only small incisions that can often be hidden, recovery is faster and milder than a full cosmetic surgical procedure (e.g. body lift).